Android Mobile Kit

The Evinced Android Mobile Kit will enhance the existing accessibility testing effectiveness of the Evinced mobile automation SDKs suite and/or Evinced MFA users. Using native code richer data sets will be used to uncover a wider range of potential issues ultimately allowing for more comprehensive coverage and gradually unleashing new admin and governance capabilities.

Integration is seamless, requiring minimal integration steps and minimal ongoing maintenance efforts. New validations will be available once the Evinced Mobile Kit integration process is completed on a host app.

Supported versions / frameworks

Evinced Android Mobile Kit is supported from the following versions:

  • Evinced Appium Java SDK 1.20.0 and higher;
  • Evinced Espresso SDK 1.20.0 and higher;
  • Evinced MFA 7.0.0 and higher.

Older versions of automation SDKs or MFA are not supported by Android Mobile Kit.


  • Android 5.0 (API 21) or higher;
  • Java 11 or higher;
  • Kotlin 1.5 or higher.

Get Started


In order to use Evinced Android Mobile Kit:

  1. Add a new dependency to your host app
  2. Once the new dependency is added, sync and rebuild the target application

Here is an example of build.gradle in the root of the project for Gradle < 7.0:

1 allprojects {
2 repositories {
3 ...
4 maven { url '' }
5 }
6 }

For Gradle 7.0 and higher:

1 dependencyResolutionManagement {
2 ...
3 repositories {
4 ...
5 maven { url '' }
6 }
7 }
8 ```
9 For Kotlin Script:
10 ```java
11 dependencyResolutionManagement {
12 ...
13 repositories {
14 ...
15 maven(url = "")
16 }
17 }

Add the dependency into your build.gradle of the app level:

1dependencies {
2 ...
3 implementation "com.evinced:mobile-kit:{sdk-version}"
4 ...
5 }

Sync and rebuild your application project with updated gradle files.

Note: No initialization like call is required.

Mobile automation SDKs Enablement

See the below examples to enable the Mobile Kit on Evinced Mobile Automation SDKs.

Evinced Appium Java SDK example:

2public static void setupAppiumDriver() {
3 final InitOptions initOptions = new InitOptions(new MobileKitConfig(true));
4 // Or
5 final InitOptions initOptions = new InitOptions().setMobileKitConfig(new MobileKitConfig(true));
7 evincedAppiumSdk = new EvincedAppiumSdk(driver, initOptions);
8 }

More detailed instructions can be found here:

Additional Information

Version Details

SDK Version #Release DateVersion Download LinkArtifact Size, MBIntegrated Size, MBPeak RAM usage, MB

Release notes per version are available in the following link - Android Mobile Kit release notes

Note: Currently the version artifact is not supported by Maven and is retrieved using Jfrog private servers ('artifactory')

Internal Mobile Kit dependencies

This section shows a list of all internal Mobile Kit dependencies.

Dependency nameVersion number

Security & Production Stage

WARNING: The Mobile Kit is a non-production library that is not currently intended to be used in a production app version.>

As per the warning above, the Mobile Kit is secure and self-contained:

  • No data leaves your environment
  • There are no external API calls made